Do I have to make an appointment?

Yes we are appointment based. Please click the Appointment tab to make an appointment. We cannot take walkins. 

Why is it so hard to get an appointment?

We operate 5 days a week. And each of our artists works their own schedule and is in control of their own schedule. We try to accomodate the best we can, but understand we only have 5 artists 2 of which are almost at capacity with clients. We do not have a receptionist so the best method to book an appointment is online in advance. 

How much does it cost?


Cancelation Policy

Prices are set by each artist and are based on several factors ( time spent, complexity of design, repairs needed, etc.) Base prices are listed under PRICE LIST in the navigation bar. It is best to double check with your artist for exact pricing .

Please allow 24 notice before canceling. We understand issues do arrive but anyone 15 late or more must reschedule and a fee may be required prior to re-booking.